rosemary fallon

About Rosemary Fallon

" I was born in Galway city and decided at an early age I wanted to be an artist. On finishing school in 1993 I went to Sligo IT where I completed a Diploma in Fine Art Painting and have been practising art ever since.

I then moved to Dublin in 1997 and completed a BA in Fine Art Painting in NCAD. I followed this in 1999 with a 12 month City and Guilds in (Computer Art) and then completed a MSc Multimedia in DCU, graduating in 2001.

I then returned to Galway and continued with my pursuit of being a full time artist. I achieved this by working a selection of creative jobs such as a designer, animator and design lecturer. Over this period I completed a further 2 certificates in business and enterprise training programs with my ultimate goal of built my own art school and studio.

This plan took shape in 2008 when I opened Rosemary's Art school and set my self up a permanent private studio in Co. Galway. I now benefit from the school's success and have the support I need to sustain myself as a full time artist."

About Rosemary Fallon's Art Work

Through my work I explore the confines of discourse of media that surrounds us in every day life. The scenarios I create establishes a dream-like surreal quality. They suggest notions of calmness, safety and one hand upset and discomfort. In my paintings I re-contextualise the already established repertoire of visual culture and create symbolic reality as opposed to virtual reality.

My paintings are deeply roots within my own existence and aim to appeal to the imagination through the use of oil on canvas. By dealing with emotions and beauty of the world I aim to provoke the viewer to feel what the character may be feeling.

The oversized heads are in reference to ego (big head) as opposed to Super deformed Japanese style character design. With this said one cannot deny there influence on western visual culture, myself included.

On a personal level each one of my painting holds fragments of story-lines unique to my own existence and thought process. Although these clues may be hidden in plain sight they remain allusive and irrelevant to a large part, leaving the viewer free to include themselves in there there interpretation. These manifestations are founded in my dreams and experiences and once discourse is taken into account, my reality is not that dissimilar to others that they cannot relate to others of similar like mind.

In relation to inspiration I never go anywhere without a pen and paper. My ideas come to me in a flash, and within seconds I know exactly what the work will look like. On completion it feels like I'm meeting an old friend and that they have always been there. As the work progresses I always feel a great empathy with the characters which then alters my own emotional state of mind. It is true to say I pour my heart and soul into my work with every object and element tells it's own story.

Over the years I have use a variety of materials and processes but my work but thorough the methodology have remained consistent. During each research period new areas of interest arise and help lead to the next body of work."